Member Offers Not So Friendly

Discussion created by iahflyr on Mar 22, 2016
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Here is a random date I picked for the Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco Hotel | San Francisco Marriott Fisherman's Wharf checking out rates and found a very interesting Member Offer.  Keep in mind New – Members Now Get Our Lowest Rate When Booking Direct when you check out just how friendly these offers might be or NOT at the hotel site.  Click on the "Member Offers" tab for an example of how Reward Members are getting treated at this place:

Anyone else find this to be a great deal other than myself?

Hello nathalie, carat, melissaerb, lindseyh, andrewt and katiec, what is Marriott trying to tell us loyal members anyway?  How does this type of thing continue to get past a simple proofreading of what is posted on a hotel site or is this yet another in the growing list of glitches with the IT Department corporate wide? 

I would be embarrassed till the cows come home if I was the GM of this property after having that rate show up.  And to think this is a property which we have stayed at a great number of times over the last 14 years or so, not at that rate I won't be.