Surveys - And No, I'm Not Repeating What Has Already Been Said!

Discussion created by tommo781 on Mar 19, 2016
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I am reading Ann Widdicombe's autobiography.  Ann is a retired British politician, who has always been forthright.  brightlybob will know exactly who she is.


She has a slant on hotel surveys that I hadn't thought of and I find her comments very true.  This is what she says:-


"There are the wretched hotel surveys which pop up on your pillow alongside the complimentary square of chocolate.  They have innumerable boxes for you to tick and a tiny space for 'additional' comments.  In other words the hotel bosses are deciding the criteria for your satisfaction.  Was the bathroom clean? Yes? Oh good, the customer is satisfied, despite there being no flannels provided, no space for laying out toiletries beyond the perimeter of the washbasin and bath, too high a mirror and a shower, the mechanincs of which are more challenging than a medium Sudoku puzzle."


Just thought you might enjoy that.  I did.