Ditching Marriott Rewards

Discussion created by ravjohn on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by phctourist

I hate to say this but recently I traded in my Marriott Rewards Visa for a Chase Sapphire Card and I am unwinding through my points and calling it quits, despite being Gold this year.  I have yet to have one paid night this year and will again take my account to other chains moving forward. What I have discovered was several things including the saving of points to then use at Hawaiian Hotels that were sub par at best, or that I cant even use points at specific hotels depending on the week.  The Bluffton SC Residence Inn was $199.00 last week and I was unable to use points.  When I could even those went up now to 25,000 from 15,000, and this for a nothing residence inn hotel that most time is pretty quiet. Furthermore, just down the road is a Hilton Garden Inn, much nicer and a rate of $135.00 or a Holiday Inn Express, also much nicer and for $99.00.  Bet it Hawaii, New York or even Hilton Head, Marriott has gotten very expensive, complacent with its quality and even their customer service has dropped off.  Today I booked my first airline ticket and hotel package with Chase Saphire.  I was so glad that after almost 20 years I had ditched my Marriott Rewards Visa, after all Marriott long ago ditched me with unreasonable prices, poor hotels, and a diminishing frequent users program.