Countdown to Houston - 6 months to go!

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Most of the community already knows about the shindig planned for Marriott Rewards Insiders in Houston Sept 16-17, 2016. In case you missed it, here are a handful of the threads discussing the topic.


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As we look ahead six months, I thought a little history might be in order.


A couple months ago, brightlybob reached out to me to discuss a planned business trip to the US. He actually suggested the idea for an insider meetup all the way back on December 21, 2015 in a comment on my blog post County Collecting 2015 - the Year in Review. Believe it or not, he even indicated his willingness to "tag along for a couple days on one of your county collecting trips." Check out his comment if you don't believe me.


Anyway, that's where it began. Brightly coming to visit for business and then joining me for some county collecting. We narrowed the location down to a few possibilities before finally selecting Houston. Picking dates also cause a few problems, but that was sorted out as well.


We're keeping an unofficial list of attendees and possible attendees (dubbed by Brightly as "hipsters" and "ankle-biters"). Most will be joining us as the JW Houston Galleria, though a few already have reserved rooms at nearby Marriott properties (Residence Inn being the most popular alternate choice).


The fall MegaBonus normally kicks off September 15, so assuming it will be the same this year, here's a chance to start that promotion off on the right foot. Alternately, the JW is moving from a category 6 to a category 5 property this year, so using the certificate earned during the current MegaBonus is also an option.


I know it's still 6 months away, but already around 20 folks have booked rooms and/or flights to be in Houston in mid-September. Come join us.


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