Gary Leff Discusses Loyatly with Sorenson + Kozik

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After last week's heated discussion surrounding, Marriott's VP of Loyalty Talks About Insiders, I'm back to (hopefully) not create more controversy


This time, Gary Leff of Boarding Area's View From the Wing sat down to discuss loyalty with Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson and VP Loyalty Thom Kozik.  He wasn't present at the aforementioned event talking about the future of Marriott Rewards, but somehow was able to sit down with these two at another time.  Perhaps it's part of their process to speak with a big loyalty player:


Of course, the conversation doesn't provide any details as to the future of the program, but does give us some insight into what the two are thinking.  Not surprising is the fact that Kozik will focus on technology.  Sorenson claims that loyalty will be even more important going forward than it has ever been for Marriott.  What's shocking (but not surprising) is the fact that Leff got the impression that Sorenson & Kozik was taken aback by the negative reaction loyal SPG members had when the acquisition was announced.