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Road Warriors - how many of these have you experienced?

Question asked by clebert on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2017 by boudreausean

How many of these have you experienced, and when/where?


1.  Having to vacate your hotel room because of a fire alarm or other emergency?

2.  Being "walked" to a different hotel?

3.  Exercising the platinum guarantee (which probably means someone else gets walked)?

4.  Having a flight diverted to somewhere other than your destination?

5.  Being upgraded to a huge suite?

6.  Unauthorized charges showed up on your hotel bill?

7.  Being stranded overnight somewhere by an airline?

8.  Missing your flight?

9.  Missing a connecting flight?

10. Leaving a hotel in the middle of a stay because you couldn't stand the thought of another night there?

11.  Being given a room key to a room already occupied by someone else, or vice-versa?

12.  Your taxi, limo, train, bus or airplane got into an accident?

13.  Bedbugs?

14.  Full administrative search by TSA?

15.  Free upgrade to first class?


Here are my answers:


1.  Yes - Omni Parkerhouse in Boston - fire alarm in the middle of the night.

2.  No.

3.  Yes - JW Marriott Chicago during the Home Show.  Also World Center during Heckerling Institute.

4.  Yes - took off from ORD, got half-way to destination, then went back to ORD.

5.  Yes - JW Marriott Chicago.

6.  Yes - Mayflower and World Center.

7.  Yes - DEN by UA.

8.  Yes - ORD because of traffic, and RSW because I took a wrong turn and got lost.

9.  Yes - ORD because I left the terminal and didn't get back in time.

10. Yes - Residence Inn by hockey area in Fargo, ND.  Key phrase here is "by hockey arena."

11. No.

12. No.

13. No.

14.  Yes.  Trying to board Allegiant flight at FSD.  Had to go into private room at TSA.

15. Yes - once on AA and once on DL at gate agent's discretion.  Others due to elite status on airlines.