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The void left in sports fans by the close of the NFL season will be officially filled next week with the arrival of the NCAA Tournament. Selection Sunday will leave die-hard fans and casual observers alike with just two short days to fill out their brackets before the First Four tips off on Tuesday. Whether you’ll be following your team across the country (see Travel for Sporting Events), or just sitting back to watch the Madness ensue, this year’s tournament will include storylines as compelling as the matchups themselves.


March Madness.jpg


Villanova, Kansas and Oklahoma are all candidates for a #1 seed in this year’s Big Dance and are looking to make redemption stays in March this time around, after their trips were cut short before the elite nights of the Elite 8 as a #1, #2 and #3 seeds, respectively, in 2015.


Kentucky has reached the Final Four in four of the last five years; the NCAA must not offer 5th redemption night free benefits. Either way, Kentucky has managed just one title over that span; will the sporadic Wildcats return to the semifinals this year, and if so, can they capture another ring for Coach Cal?


LSU is in need of a major run in their conference tournament to earn consideration from the selection committee. If they sneak their way into the tourney, can Freshman Phenom Ben Simmons give them enough to make a deep run before he likely takes to the NBA next season for Cash + Points?


There is plenty of madness in store this March, and plenty of other stories to be written. Which are you most eager to see unfold?


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