Marriott, Where Are The Desks?

Discussion created by iahflyr on Mar 9, 2016
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I spend a few minutes each week rumbling though Loyalty Lobby and today was the day I first saw the photo of a Marriott room without a suitable desk from which to work.

Whine Wednesdays: New Marriott Room Design – Where's The Desk? | LoyaltyLobby

Yes yes yes, I did read in the article it is only ONE brand, but I predict it will spread and I would not want to go to the lobby to do evening work that may need to be done.  Some might not agree with me however; I know if I was still working and stumbled upon a similar room where I had to sit a a small round desk and return emails from the day it would be my last stay at that hotel.  Cannot wait for my Wife to find a room such as this, she'd do the exact thing the author did and have the hotel take that table and chairs out of the room to be replaced with a proper desk and chair.

I agree with the author and the person who thought up this stunt and the person who signed off on it should both be looking for jobs elsewhere.


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