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Missing Bonus Points on Special Rates

Question asked by brantmf on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by bejacob

I have stayed at least four separate times using special rates with "bonus points" which usually range from 1,000 - 3,000. It's nothing huge, but at the same price or slightly less I have been selecting these special rates. These are not additional elite points or lounge closure additions, but special rates.


I have now had at least four of these bonus points fail to post. Renaissance NYC Hotel 57, Renaissance Pittsburgh, CY NYC Manhattan, Lexington NYC. I wait the ten days and the regular rewards are posting, but never the bonus. I have sent emails through Marriott and the points are usually added fairly quickly, except for the Renaisance NYC Hotel 57 which took several month. This seems to be a system issue that no one is concerned about or they purposely aren't adding until contacted. Either way it's a bad process and frustrating to have to track these and hound someone.


Is anyone else having this issue and is everyone watching their points?