Marriott's VP of Loyalty Talks About Insiders

Discussion created by kharada46 on Mar 6, 2016
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Apparently Marriott held a "The Future of Loyalty Forum" attended by 5-6 Marriott executives, including Thom Kozik, Marriott's new VP, Loyalty.  The purpose was to have conversations about loyalty, apparently, given the impending merger.  While specifics weren't mentioned, and definitely no answers/hints to questions we have, the topic of Marriott Rewards Insiders did come up.  He talked about how 70% of our discussions revolve around exploiting Marriott Rewards, while the remaining 30% was about local information/travel tips.  Naturally, Kozik said they want the community to focus on the exchange of local information, which may cause a further change to our community. 


There's some other interesting tidbits mentioned about MR and guest services in general, but again, nothing about the combined loyalty program.  To read up on the discussion, visit: