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MSP and MIA airport hotels?

Question asked by clebert on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by insidenji

Any recommendations for airport hotels near MSP and MIA?  We have stayed at Courtyard Mendota Heights, MN, before and it was fine.  But might be willing to spend a little more for a full-service property.  Airport shuttle is a plus, but not strictly necessary.  Spouse not traveling so ok for us to use a lower-end property this time (i.e., FFI, SHS, CY).


While I'm at it, would someone please build an onsite hotel at MSP and one at MIA, preferably in the Marriott family? I really love the one at TPA - so convenient.  Even my tiny 6-gate regional airport at Podunk, USA, has an onsite hotel!  Why don't these big airports?