Common Man Concord New Hampshire

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We're in Concord, NH for MLK at the Fairfield Inn and overheard the Front Desk making reservations for a restaurant across the street called The Common Man.  As we drove in to Fairfield Inn parking lot we could not help but notice that the parking lot of the restaurant was overflowing to capacity.  That combined with the FD activity aroused curiosity. 


The Common Man is a chain found only in New Hampshire.  There was a 90 minute wait for the dining room but the bar and lounge was first come first serve - which suited us fine.  From appetizers to dessert, the Common Man truly delivers what I would have to call New Hampshire 'comfort food'.  Check out the menu online.


Great dining, affordable prices, casual attire and attentive service. A must try when in Concord, New Hampshire.


Common Man Concord