4 nights in London worthwhile?

Discussion created by 7 on Mar 3, 2016
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My daughter's spring break is coming up and I just got an email from the local airline of a sale with a pretty good deal on a flight to London (~$200RT total for the 3 of us but then another $100 if we want to pick our seats to ensure we sit together ).


The flight back is pretty early and from Gatwick so I could use my CAT5 cert at the CY there the last night to make use of that.


The other 3 nights would be in London and I see the cheapest rate at County Hall is about $332. St. Pancras is like $295.Those two are probably my most likely choices.


I'm wondering if you guys think this is a good deal or not. At first I saw that $200RT and thought it was awesome until I saw the extra charges for seat selection and stuff. That and the fairly expensive hotels and general cost of things there is making me reconsider.


We could just as easily fly somewhere else. Berlin is even cheaper and the hotels there are cheaper too.


Or, we could take a roadtrip and drive to Tallinn and maybe take the ferry to Helsinki.


We definitely want to go to London eventually, but maybe it's better to wait until we can stay a little longer. What say you?