Am I Eligible for a Gold (or Platinum) Challenge?

Discussion created by bejacob on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by andrewt

Many new members to this forum have been asking to sign up for a challenge to achieve a fast-track to Gold or Platinum status. It's a great way to reach the next level. Far too many have failed to understand that this is not a status match from another chain. Eligibility depends solely on your existing elite status with Marriott. So in the hopes of helping alleviate the messages send to the community moderators (carat, deannad, andrewt, lindseyh, katiec, melissaerb), please don't request a challenge if you are not eligible.


Here are some examples. Note the color or the circle beneath the avatar which indicates your current status.


Q: I'm a basic rewards member, can I sign up for a Gold challenge?


A: Nope, sorry, you need to reach Silver. Check back after you've earned 10 elite nights.


Q: I'm Silver, can I sign up for a Gold Challenge?


A: Sure can.

Q: What about a Platinum challenge?


A; No. Check back after you reach Gold.


Q: Okay, I'm Gold now, can I sign up for a Platinum challenge?


A: Yep. Unless you earned Gold by completing a challenge this year. Only one challenge is allow per year.


Q: I'm Platinum, can I sign up for a Platinum challenge? (yes some folks have asked )


A: Um.... You're already Platinum. The challenge is only for those seeking to reach the next highest level. You've reached to top, there's nowhere to go. (Yes there is a Premiere Platinum, but that is not something that can be achieved by a status challenge).



Status challenges are a great way to reach the next level. On occasion, Marriott will offer them. Sometimes you have to ask. From time to time, they are unavailable even for the asking. If that happens, wait a few months and try again. But do yourself and the moderators a favor. Please don't ask for a Platinum challenge if you are a basic elite member (blue). You're not eligible.