Newport Coast Vacation Club Buyers Meeting

Discussion created by dollard on Mar 3, 2016
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So in December my family went to Newport Coast in December and went through our sales meeting for the location. Now we walked into the meeting saying we need to get a little more details on this because we could possibly move forward because we spend a good amount of nights at Marriotts and with two children more space is nice. But our meeting went very bad to the extent I said I am going to leave now because how we were treated in the treated.

From the get go I told the person that we had schedule to head to San Diego to go to the zoo so we need to keep it at the 90 minute timeline. I told him how we had already discussed once before so we know most of the basics we just wanted to get deeper in the details. We sat outside of the office going through information 15 minutes before our set time so I was like this is good we can go through and be out with plenty of time. After 45 minutes he is like lets go to my office as if this was just open conversation and now we are starting.

So we get into the details and he starts telling me how this is the #1 location and shows me all his top trophies. As we get down to the details he states the break even is 7 years on Vacation club and how you can take all these great trips he has been on with his wife taking his friends with them because of the program. I told him well understand we have two children so our time to travel will be limited shortly because of school and we cannot travel as a single couple with friends at any time. This makes us fall more into premium times or go to off location that have lower points. But as soon as I say I really feel 7 years return is a little stretch because he was not showing all of the charges and comparing apple to apple with the trips. He starts to state that I am wrong and when I bring up the yearly increases that it states I could be pay twice as much for my yearly points in 20 years and these worry all worries for me. Now I was fine saying break even might be 12 years because I can use it for a long time and allow my children to use it down the rode but instead of agreeing and working through the numbers through it he continued to say I was incorrect and the other 250,000 owners understand it and they can't be wrong. Then goes back to say one of his best client is a CPA and do you think a person that runs all day would say that also and keep buying from me if it is not true.

So at this time I said you know maybe we need a little more time to look over this because this does not feel right. He then goes on and says understand you are not getting 2015 prices but 2014 prices because of the program we came in on and if we walk out that price is no longer available. I sad that is alright I rather make the right decision and pay a little more than sign something I am not sure about. Then he came out and said the main reason why most people don't move forward is because they don't have the finances and then says that must be the case then right? I said know I can afford this but I do not wish to pay the high rates that you are offering in this program and think there would be a better way to finance it if I do not want to pay cash for it and currently I don't feel I want move forward and he asks again because I don't have the funds needed?

That is when I said I think it is time for us to end this meeting because we are 45 minutes past our time and we have plans for our children and this is not going anywhere good. He then says well how about I let you go ahead and give you sometime to let you and your wife talk about this because we talked a lot but you two have not really got some time to discuss if you want to move forward. I stopped him there stood up and said we have given you enough time and feel that this meeting has went nothing but south.

So from there as we are working out he changes his tone to being friendly and saying how there will probably be a review come out of the meeting and how that really affects him if they are not good and trying to talk about how great the location has been to try and make me think about other things but that meeting. And then tries to sell us on a $1,500 trip to another location for 4 nights as we are walking to the door. A day or two later I get a email from him and I will put below once again him asking for high ratings for the review. Problem is I never got the review so I thought I would share this here. We walked out and my looked at me and said I can not believe how disrespectful he was and that he would say some of those things saying how the only reason we wouldn't move forward was because we don't have the money and that we are wrong and all the other owners prove that.

So in the end we might be a pretty loyal Marriott fan but after being treated like this on a sales presentation for vacation time I don't know that I would ever purchase a trip. I was walking into this meeting saying let get all the details and see if we want to pull the trigger in the next 12 months to walking out saying I don't think I would ever sit in one of these meetings again because not respecting my time nor my wife or me.