We were WALKED for the very first time....

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....and I have waited for 5 days to post so that I wouldn't be so angry; however, I am still angry. I made our reservation several months ago for the Springhill Suites Downtown Houston, part of a complex also containing a Residence Inn and a Courtyard.  The prices went down several times after I made the reservation and I had to cancel and rebook to get the lower rates.

Last Friday, I checked in online and submitted a request for an early check-in.  I did not get a "Your room is ready" email, but we going to Minute Maid Stadium which is nearby, so we went by the hotel to see if we could check-in.  I was told they had been very busy and our room was not ready.  That was not a problem.  As I left, I asked the desk agent to save us a nice room and he said he would.  About an hour later, I got the "Your room is ready" email, but we were already at the ballpark where my husband would be taking pictures of 2 of the 3 games.

Fast forward about 9 hours and we returned to the hotel to check in.  I knew something was wrong when the desk agent excused himself and went to a telephone at another station.  I heard him ask, "Do you still have a room?"  He came back and told him that we would be moved to the Hyatt Regency which was about 3 blocks away.  He said they were really busy because of all the activities in downtown Houston over the week-end.  I asked him about breakfast at the new hotel and I understood him to explain that if it was charged to the room it would be covered. I didn't shoot the messenger because he was only delivering the message.  We drove to the newly assigned hotel, it was about midnight by this time, handed over the keys to the valet who told us it would be difficult to get out of the garage the next morning because of the rodeo parade and a 10K run which preceded the parade, then walked inside where we were warmly welcomed.  Again, I asked about breakfast and told the desk agent what the agent at the Springhill Suites had explained to me.  The room was nice and the bathroom was really nice. We decided to get up earlier than we had originally planned in case breakfast was crowded and knowing that leaving the hotel might be a problem.  Breakfast was not crowded and we enjoyed a nice buffet breakfast which we charged to the room. We called for the car and were told the valet would walk us to the garage where the car was parked.  When we checked out, the breakfast was on the bill as I expected; however, I was told I needed to pay for it.  The agent told me that was not included in what the Springhill Suites would cover, but another agent told her they would take care of it.  We were walked several blocks to the garage where our car had been parked, but could not cross the street because of all the runners.  We eventually found a space where we could cross, but still had to dodge runners.

It was about 9 pm by the time we returned to the Springhill Suites. I did not shoot the messenger, but explained to him how angry I was the previous night when we were walked and told him that in addition to the stay at the Hyatt Regency being covered, I wanted bonus points for the inconvenience.  He said he would note that in my record. We did have a room this time.  It was tiny!  According to the map on the door, it was the smallest room on the floor. We were too tired to go back to the desk to ask for a new room assignment. The room was quiet.  Breakfast was typical of a Springhill Suites. 

When we went to check-out, the desk clerk was the same one who had been on duty when we went by on Friday.  We had a discussion about what had happened and he told me he had saved us a room, but someone else had given it away.  He apologized and said points had been added to my account (as I had asked). I asked if we would get credit for the night we didn't have a room because we were working on the spring bonus.  He said no, there was no way to add a night if we didn't stay, but they had paid for the night.  He said points were expensive for him to buy, but he would add even more points if I wanted him to. 

My points for the 1-night hotel stay posted correctly, but no bonus points had been added.  I have also been charged for the breakfast at the Hyatt Regency ($36.81).  Would I stay at this hotel again?  Absolutely not!  I will be emailing the Springhill Suites Front Desk Supervisor shortly.  By the way,  I also got a request to review this hotel.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to give them a good review.