Modifying Your Reservation

Discussion created by iahflyr on Mar 3, 2016
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A recent Marriott reservation I had for a three night stay was showing a total cost of $1649.99.  The day before I was to leave I was writing down reservations numbers for the car rental and hotel on my printed airline itinerary which I do just in case. For some reason I decided to check the room rates again and to my surprise the price for the three nights had dropped down to a total of $1459.99.  I liked that savings, but the initial reservation needed have be cancelled before midnight the day before travel which was some 10 hours earlier.  I thought of calling reservations and requesting the change, but instead decided to take a chance and try something new.

I went into my Rewards account and viewed the reservation then selected "View/Modify".  Next I selected "Edit" under the Room/s tab.  That brought up the available rooms and rates that were available for the stay and I selected the room type I already had booked and bingo......there it was for the lower rate.  I clicked on "Submit" and I had my same reservation number with the lower rate booked, and no cancellation issue to have to ponder.

Goes to show you can teach an ole geezer new tricks!!