Photogenic Pets?

Discussion created by deannad on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2016 by greekbecky


I know a lot of you travel with your pets, and since I am struck with puppy fever at the moment, I thought it’d be great to ask for some photos of your pets related to your travels. This could range from photos of subtle signals they don’t want you to go (like jumping in a suitcase while packing), to a picture of you together on your voyages. A few Insiders like 702rugbyref, who shared pictures of Rolexx, and pluto77, who shared a photo of Derby Dog (on the Traveling with your Furry Friends thread) probably have a few more photos in their files, and we want more!


Let’s get as many as we can and create an album of your beloved four-legged friends!


I’m also curious if any Insiders are as dedicated to including their pets in their travels as this duo:



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