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Is This Really Considered Elite Service-SF Marriott, Union Square

Question asked by californiadreamer on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by deannad

The Sutter Street, San Francisco Marriott, Union Square  hotel has a great location near Union Square, but just be aware once you walk a few blocks toward City Hall, you will be in an area populated by the homeless, drug addicts and others who use the streets for a bathroom and other activities that you don't want to read about here.  Its an easy walk to Chinatown, shopping at Union Square and a little bit of a hike to the Ferry Market area.


Still with this great location, the hotel felt compelled to add a very toxic scent machine in its entry lobby, which like cigarette smoke, travels anywhere the air does, including the elevators up to the hallways.  These chemical additives are  headache inducing nuisances, which are  unnecessary when a hotel is clean with a good air exchange system.  They have no idea what substances they are involuntarily exposing their guests and employees to, yet are satisfied that its ok for your health based on representations from the corporate entities that sell these substances.  They claim to be unable to unplug the machine due to their "corporate policy."


We called ahead to make sure we had a high floor room on the bay side, instead of on the side looking toward the South Bay.  We arrived after 3:00 and told it was not ready, we had to wait.  So I stood outside for 30 minutes waiting to avoid breathing the chemical scent from the fragrance machine, only to be taken to a room that was somewhat high, but still too low to have  a very impressive view of the bay.  So we called and asked for another room higher, and was told there was one available.  So another 30 minutes goes by and we move up there.  It seems to me that they should just give you the best room they have at the outset, so there is not so much floundering around.  We wasted an hour getting a room that was available the moment we walked in.


The next day we asked for a late checkout,2 pm,  and were told that we could only get an extra hour, even though I have silver status in their rewards program.  If we wanted an hour more, it would be $50.00.  Ouch.  A few minutes before check out time, the maid was standing outside inquiring when we were leaving.  Her vacuum was parked outside the door and I could hear her outside our room talking to another maid just waiting for us to leave.  I did not like being rushed.  I mentioned this as we were leaving at check out, and the woman at the front desk suggested I should have asked for a longer late check out, such as 2!!!


Another  thing, the doorman that works there on Sunday morning should be told its not really a welcome remark to call a mature professional woman a "squirt."  I am not making this up!  The gentleman that was in the position on Saturday was very kind--he should set the example as to how to treat guests. Also we had a good server in the hotel restaurant--he was very helpful and brought a great tea service for  me and a big pot of coffee for my companion.