A trip to ... nowhere

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Here's my first utterly pointless post of 2016


So, my trip to South America last week didn't work out quite the way I'd expected or hoped.

  • Agreed to speak at a conference in South America;
  • Understood that it would be a tight trip to squeeze it into a busy week - basic summary
    • 36-hours round trip;
    • four flights - two each way;
    • flying on American (rather than United/Star Alliance, my preferred carrier);
    • midnight arrivals (there and home) on consecutive days
    • approximately 12 hours in country;
    • potential for a good 6 hours of sleep in the (non-Marriott) hotel...
  • Significant complications obtaining visa for travel - passport with visa collected less than 24 hours before embarkation;
  • Actual trip:
    • travel to DCA (National, as opposed to Dulles/IAD, my preferred airport);
    • board plane to Miami;
    • taxi to tarmac;
    • wait;
    • at this point, I fall asleep ... I wake up to the pilot's announcement;
    • we've been delayed (duh);
    • we've been re-routed around Atlanta, so we need more fuel;
    • we return to the gate;
    • I ask the (polite) flight attendant and gate attendant to confirm my suspicions - that
      • we're going to miss my connection in Miami; and
      • there is no later connecting flight to my destination (or anywhere close); or,
      • in other words, I'm not going to be at the conference the next day.
    • I get off the flight;
    • I return home.


  • total miles flown = 0
  • total nights in hotel = 0
  • participation in conference = 0
  • time wasted - lots
  • money wasted (on visa application fees, taxis, etc.) - $200+

Lessons learned from the experience: none that I can think of....


No, wait - here's an iahflyr I-told-you-so baggage carry-on success story.


So.... because the trip was so brief... And because there was no time whatsoever for leisure (or photography), I had carried on my luggage.  (See, I can do it if I want to....) Anyway, apparently, if I had checked my bag, they would not have let me leave the flight when we returned to the gate.  Or, in other words - if I had checked my bags, I would have flown to Miami, spent the night there, and returned home the next day - wasting my time and money for no reason whatsoever.  So, three cheers for carry-on luggage if your trip turns out to be a disaster....