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Clueless about Bahamas - please help

Question asked by clebert on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by clebert

Thinking of taking the kids to Bahamas sometime this summer for a couple of days just for something different.  Flying from anywhere in S or SW Florida, probably on Silver which has reasonable fares.  Open to visiting any part of the Bahamas but know nothing about them.  Questions:


1.  Any ferries running from FL to Bahamas anymore?

2.  Seems that Marriott options are Atlantis on Paradise Island or Abaco Club at Marsh Harbour.  I thought there was a RC at Marsh Harbour at one time.  Is that gone now?  Am I missing something?  Not sure I'm crazy about going to Atlantis due to all the extra fees and taxes.  How about Bimini?  There is a Hilton there with very reasonable rates.  Maybe I will check Interval International to see what's out there.

3.  If I take kids without Spouse, do I need anything other than their passports?

4.  Do passports need to have a certain amount of time left on them?  Kids' passports expire in January, and if we go in July there will possibly be less than 6 months left, depending on time of month.

5.  Any feedback on Silver Airways?  Should I book through to get United miles?  Fares are slightly higher doing it that way, but not much, and I have more use for United miles than Silver miles (if Silver even has a FF program).

6.  Anywhere else I can go from S or SW Florida for a couple of days that's a relatively short and inexpensive flight and I can use MR points?

7.  Is July off season in Caribbean/Bahamas?  Is June or Aug. a better time?  Has to be when kids are off school.


Thanks in advance!