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Has anyone attempted to sell a MVCI Timeshare? Thoughts and results if you have?

Question asked by lifeisgood15 on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by mikiegfla

We are considering selling our MVCI Timeshare in Arizona but it seems to us that the process is very unfriendly. No room for negotiation, very low return on our investment at the amount offered and no help from the corporate MVCI office. The "Customer Advocacy Manager" told us that the repurchase is not a buyback program, but an offer for us to get out of a contract of continued payments of maintenance fees on our property. WOW. The offer to buyback our week was at just 25% of the purchase price. Not exactly what the sales pitch offered. Has anyone sold back to Marriott or an outside party? Did Marriott invoke their right of first refusal if you did try to sell outside?


We were told the repurchase price is preset with no room for negotiation. I even tried asking for Rewards Points instead of dollars to make the event more palatable nut was told that isn't possible?


We love using Marriott. Stayed in Marriott's in London and Grand Cayman in the last 12 months. Just looking for an equitable way to dispose of the timeshare in Arizona that we really don't use and still be a loyal Marriott customer.


Thanks in advance for any feedback you might have.