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Oh, how I love music! To me, music is important, as it has so much cultural significance for communities around the world. You can really get to know a place by listening to the music. Therefore, whenever I travel I always try and find the best local venues, groups and events to attend in order to get the local flavor.


One of my favorite cities of all time, and one I love to visit for its music is New Orleans. This city is so vibrant and the music is so good! Of course, a music-lover’s trip to New Orleans is not complete without stopping by Preservation Hall, a New Orleans jazz staple. One lesser-known spot I always visit any time I’m in The Big Easy is a jazz club called The Spotted Cat. It’s right outside the French Quarter, in the Fauborg Marigny neighborhood, and always has great local talent. If you’re heading to New Orleans any time soon, go to The Spotted Cat. You will not be disappointed!


For those thinking of heading to New Orleans, here are a few past Insiders threads that discuss Marriott properties to stay at, things to do and see, where to eat, etc.

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There is also this cool Marriott Rewards Credit Card video on places to go and enjoy the music, food, and sights of New Orleans:


There is a huge list of other great music cities that I could give shout-outs to, but I wanted to hear from all of you on what your favorite cities to travel to and enjoy music are, and if there are any music venues, groups, or events that you cannot miss. Can’t wait to hear about them!

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