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What are the most and least liked of your regular Marriotts?

Question asked by brightlybob on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by verysuiteboy

Inspired by bejacobs homework over the last few years I decided to set a piece myself. I'm not looking for your favourite in the world, exotic though that would be, we have lots of threads like that. Nor your most disliked Marriott ever, again there lots of threads expressing displeasure and "never return" moments.


Here I'm talking about those hotels you find yourself staying in, say at least once a year that make you think either, "oh really, wasn't there anything else?" and those where as soon as you hear you're going near the locality your heart lifts and make the effort to ensure you'll be at THAT particular hotel.


For me, my hohum moment is Cheshunt Marriott. An old property thats quite difficult to get to, it's far from horrible but with no exec lounge, a characterless bar and nothing within walking distance, it's one that I just shrug my shoulders at. I end up there quite a bit because it's frequently the cheapest in the area.


My happy moment is the Leeds Marriott, great exec lounge, bar, leisure facilities and restaurant. Really helpful staff and right in the city centre gives plenty to do. When I see a case coming up in Leeds I personally fix the hotel, to ensure I'll definitely be staying there.


So what's your most and least favoured regular Marriott?