Quickest and Cheapest?

Discussion created by thanksinadvance on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2016 by jakeal

I have oodles of MR points and oodles of American Express points, but relatively few airline points.  I need to get to the east coast as quickly as possible for a family emergency -- no one is in danger of dying, but there is an acute illness and I'd like to fly back to help my parents.  Does anyone have tips on the quickest and cheapest way to book a flight?  It will take 3 days for any MR points that i transfer to be eligible for United (which appears to offer the best deal) and I need to try and be there sooner than that if possible.  are there tricks or tips that I am missing  -- some deeply discounted way to fly on the next day or something?  Thanks -- I'm pretty rattled right now and not handling the search process.  (FWIW I'm platinum Ritz/Marriott, platinum AMEX, and MileagePlus Club card holder -- with only 10K MP points so far)