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Discussion created by xiexinghui on Feb 25, 2016
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Hi everyone,

I am working at Microsoft China.

I am SPG platinum member since 2013. Mostly I was staying with SPG for all kind of purpose.

I was hardly living in any Marriott’s hotel before, just because I do not hold any membership with Marriott. But I would like to get one in order to get some new experiences. I have a business trip within next two months. It is my best chance to try out the hotels with Marriott in U.S and Canada. I do realize that Marriott has a challenge program that will ask you to have 9 stay in order to get a platinum membership. I would like to take that chance if it is possible for you to register that challenge for me. Is there anyone here can appcet my request because I really want to try out all of the benefits of Marriott.

I can give you all of the proofs that shows my SPG platinum member status.