Canadians BEWARE! Your Marriott credit card lacks services...

Discussion created by nstraveler on Feb 23, 2016
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As Canadians we are pretty good at managing to cope with bad weather. As it turns out, our Marriott Rewards Credit card in Canada is lacking in its basic travel insurance for trip delays or unpredicted layovers. Airlines do not cover delays or cancellations due to weather, but they do cover mechanical failure delays.  When you read the Marriott Rewards card information on the website there are all there promises (all empty north of the border) about trip delay insurance coverage etc. These are not applicable to us Canadians- they believe we can walk 100km in a blizzard! I was recently delayed in (February 2016) in returning to the east coast from Ottawa by the airline and incurred a hotel stay and lost a day of work back home.

When I called the Marriott Card phone line they asked why I had gotten room- well duh, the weather was so poor a plane could not take off dudes! (also, I have never slept on a park bench- even in summer). I am a Marriott platinum member, I have their credit card, and was using it for all my travel but will now elect to use my American Express Card or my visa Infinite Card both of which provide ample coverage for these sorts of events and would have reimbursed me for the entire hotel room in addition to clothing and meals- just saying.

Read the fine print on the CANADIAN website.... we get crappy service and shovel not use this card for travel. I am unlikely to renew unless there si a huge change in policy. Canadian are getting ripped off with respect to the upgraded cards and the travel insurance. They also hire people who think their members should sleep in a snowbank if my flight is cancelled!!!!!