Uber- Tip or No Tip?

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I was suffering from some confusion regarding Uber, and had to go back and re-read the posts both here and elsewhere.  The confusion rests with the tip that we have plugged into our profile.  In the past 3 weeks, we have used Uber twice locally, and in both instances, the drivers have said that they have never received a tip online.  This concerned me, as I know that both with my account and my husband's, we have opted to provide a tip (in terms of a percentage) with the transaction, to make the service truly cashless.  So today I got online and did some research.  As best as I can determine, here's what I found:


  • Levels of Uber -
    • UberX, the low cost Uber
    • UberXL, low cost rides for large groups
    • UberBlack, the original Uber (fancy schmancy)
    • UberSUV, room for everyone

       The above Uber services go from lowest to highest, with UberSUV having the highest rates

    • There is also UberTaxi, taxi without the hassle (use Uber to request and pay for a taxi, at standard taxi rates, plus $2 booking fee. 20% gratituity is automatically added for the driver by default.)


  • Not all levels are available in all cities.  For instance, in WDC, all of the above levels are available.  In my city, only UberX and UberXL are available (and of course, the rates are waaaay lower than WDC. )


  • Now this is where it (the gratuity) gets confusing.  In my payment profile, I have set my preferred gratuity to a certain percentage.  I personally have set it low, at 10%, so that at the time of my ride, I can determine the quality of my ride and decide whether or not to provide a cash tip supplement for excellent service.  (This can be good, in order to control tipping too much for bad service, but it can also be bad, if I am out of cash and truly in need of a cashless transaction.  In that case, if the quality is excellent, the driver only gets 10%.)  But I digress...  I think I see the problem.  The gratuity setting in the profile is for TAXI, and when reading more carefully, it further states, "This will apply to TAXI fares only (not UberX, UberSUV, or black, and will be paid to your driver.")  Ah, we thought this gratuity was for all Uber rides, and could not understand why when we inquired, our UberX drivers have stated, "No, I have never received an online tip in the payment."  So since we thought that all this time we were providing an online tip with our payment, but the drivers were saying they were getting no such thing, that something was fishy.  Now I think I see clearly.  We are not being charged for a tip even though we've opted in, in our payment profiles, because we are not using UberTAXI.


  • At the same time, Uber advertises, "NO CASH, NO TIP, NO HASSLE.  When you arrive at your destination, just hop out-we'll automatically charge the credit card on file.  And there's no need to tip."


So I'm still a little confused.  "Do we tip, or not?"  It sounds like we don't need to, which is the beauty of cashless.  Is the tip factored into the rates then?  Regardless of what Uber advertises, do drivers expect a tip?  Can anyone set me straight?