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My chapter in Hawaii has come to an end. This week, my husband and I are moving back to Portland to be closer to family, and await the impending birth of our first nephew, who is due in April. 


It is bittersweet. Hawaii has been more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. As a very pale girl from Oregon who loves the rain, I really had never considered moving to a tropical island, like many dream about. However, when the work opportunity came up for my husband 2 ½ years ago, we jumped on it.


It’s easy to name all of the things I love about Hawaii, and many of you have seen my last post, but now I need to reexamine my love for Portland and get excited to be back in the great PNW! So here, I will give you the list of somewhat weird reason why I’m excited to be back in Portland, which should also help anyone who plans to travel there soon!


     1. Pizza! Hawaii is seriously lacking in delicious pizza. There are two pizza places on Oahu that I even consider to be acceptable. In Portland, there are dozens. Oven and Shaker, Ken’s Artisan Pizza, and Dove Vive are some of my favorites.

     2. The best brunch in the entire universe: Podnahs. I won’t say anything else because I don’t want this place to become too popular.

     3. Running on bridges. I’m training for my second half marathon in April, and I’m looking forward to training in Portland this year instead of Hawaii. Running along the beaches is nice and all, but it’s also hot! I’m looking forward to cooler evening runs over the many beautiful bridges in the Rose City.

     4. The signs at The Florida Room. This bar has the best signs and they make me laugh. I miss them. Here’s an example:


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 12.55.50 PM.png


     5. SEASONS! This is the main thing I miss. Everyone says that you can never complain in Hawaii because Hello! You live in Hawaii? One of the most beautiful places in the world with ideal weather year round. I guess that could be true if sunny weather was your ideal weather, but it is not mine. I love fall. I love winter. I love being cozy and I love running in the rain.


Ok, this post has successfully made me more excited to move back. If anyone needs any Portland advice, please hit me up!

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