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Spring MegaBonus 2016 - Is this it?

Question asked by cmeyer on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by cmeyer

Hi all,


So I have stayed twice in early February to receive my Free Night Certificate.

After that, I have registered for the new offer that gave me 2,500 bonus points for my stay this week.


Now I'm really wondering: Is that it for the Spring 2016 MegaBonus?


I read a lot on this forum about a "Stay XX nights and get XXXXX bonus points" offer.

When I called the MR hotline in January, they told me that this kind of offer would unlock for me after I got the Free Night Certificate - but obviously that didn't happen, and I got the 2,500 bonus points offer instead...


Is there any way I could still get the "Stay XX nights and get XXXXX bonus points" offer now?