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Help! Downtown Louisville, KY advice needed

Question asked by ninabrackeen on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2016 by jjett30169

My 24 year old son and I are flying to Louisville for Bruce Springsteen this weekend We are staying at the Residence Inn, where I reserved a 2 bedroom suite and we can walk to Yum Center. We will arrive Saturday at lunch and leave Monday morning. Do I need a rental car, or is there enough dining & fun nearby to keep us busy and occupied for Saturday afternoon, night and Sunday? Any suggestions regarding reservations, etc are very appreciated. I didnt rent a car yet because it looked like we have lots of nearby options.We arrive Sat at 11 am and leave Monday at 11 (can eat free breakfast at hotel) , cencert is Sunday night so we have Saturday all day and earlier Sunday free.