New Favorite Thing - Bonus Points per Night!

Discussion created by jt15550 on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by flyingsouth

When booking several weeks at the JW Marriott Minneapolis Mall of America last December, I picked up on a hot tip in the 'Rewards Offers' tab... now, I've seen the 1000 or 2000 bonus points per stay offers before, but the JW at MoA was offering 6,000 extra bonus points *per night* (max 5 nights).  Although my stays and food would already put me around the 25-27.5k range each week, with this offer my two weeks there earned me an extra 60,000 points!  Not to be outdone; when searching for my next business stays in RTP, I found the nearby Fairfield Inn Brier Creek offering 5,000 points per night (no limit), which after staying two weeks through the weekend turned into another cool 60,000 MR points! It's literally been like a Megabonus every week for the last four stays! 


Granted, I much preferred the JW to the Fairfield, but given my personal estimated value of 1.25 cents per point - that's an extra $1500 going in my vacation 'budget' over the last five weeks, and puts me MUCH further towards my goal of Lifetime Gold - which I'll have wrapped by the end of next week (Re: The Short (?) Quest to Lifetime Gold Elite.)


True, I might be a bit more discerning with my selection after hitting Lifetime Platinum, but I can honestly say I'll be going out of my way next trip to pick up on these huge bonuses if they're anywhere close to where I'll be working.  Anyone have any other hot tips on killer per-night bonuses?