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Please May I Return to the Fold?

Question asked by tommo781 on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by flyingsouth

Many months ago, I declared my intention to leave Insiders.  This was not a reflection on the service standards of Marriott Hotels, but rather that I was not happy at the way the Insiders forum was going. However, I have missed the banter, and wonder if you will all accept me back.  I will explain why it has taken me so long in a minute.

But firstly, can someone help me with some computer housekeeping?  I have “lurked” on the site for quite a while now, and suddenly I am getting a continuous symbol in the middle of the page.  Like a black box with a timer, but it is constant.  I can’t get rid of it.  I am not getting this on any other site, only Insiders.  Can someone explain what it is and how to get rid of it?

For my first return post, I want to share with you just how wonderful Marriott has been. The last 2 years have been a nightmare for us.  Because of medical issues, we have been unable to travel much, and certainly not outside the UK.  For many months we could not go away at all because of hospital visits, operations, etc. Eventually the situation became much brighter, and we were able to take trips away from home in the UK.  However, any trip requires a quantity of medical supplies to be delivered by a specialist company.  I won’t give the details – no-one wants to hear about other people’s medical history – but just let us say it could easily be a logistical nightmare without the co-operation of the hotel.

I should also say that, due to our lack of travel, our status is now Silver, and is likely to stay Silver.  I think it is important to point that out, to show that the treatment we received was not due to being of high Rewards status.

Our first attempt at travel was to York Marriott last August, where we have been known for years.  I contacted them in advance about the supplies, and explained what was required. They were fabulous!  The delivery went without a hitch, and the supplies were ready and waiting in our room.  We also noticed the furniture had been rearranged from the normal layout.  We later found out that the hotel had never had anyone staying with the same medical condition, so one of the senior members of staff looked it all up, and then acquainted other senior staff, so they were aware in case of problems.  He also rearranged the furniture to make the room layout easier for our particular requirements.  I call that going over and beyond anything we could have expected.

Throughout our stay we were treated with consideration without being over the top. We couldn’t have been more impressed.

So we decided to go to our favourite London Marriott, West India Quay, for our usual 5 nights in November.  brightlybob knows our high opinion of this hotel, and we were not disappointed.  I booked a studio suite, then contacted the hotel about the medical supplies.  They were marvelous, and immediately upgraded my booking to a Curve Suite “to give you more space for your requirements.  As a regular loyal guest, that is the least we can do.” When we arrived we were welcomed as returning friends, the medical supplies were ready and waiting in our suite,and throughout our our entire stay nothing was too much trouble for anyone, and we felt truly pampered.

Every member of staff we encountered was excellent.  When we left, the Guest Services Manager made a point of coming to see us, and we passed on our sincere thanks, and said we hoped to return this May, as the staff had made our stay so easy in our particular circumstances.

So, after Xmas, we decided to book for 5 nights in May.  We had sufficient points and decided to use those.  But we didn’t want a standard room, and were totally prepared to pay for an upgrade to a suite, as we would pay no more than the cost of a standard room to upgrade our points.  I contacted the hotel, saying I could see from the web site that we could upgrade to the next tier up for £65 per night with our points, but that was all we could do on line.  I asked how much per night we would pay to upgrade a points booking to a Suite, and how we would go about making that booking, as we couldn’t do it on line.

I was told to make the booking on line, with the fee of £65 per night to upgrade to the next tier and let them know the confirmation number.  This I did, and you wouldn’t believe the deal that the hotel came back with.  I am not mentioning any names, as I don’t want any member of staff to be reprimanded for being too generous.


Some people on Trip Advisor indicate that this is a business hotel. Yes, there are naturally business people staying given the location, but there are also a good number of private guests, such as ourselves. We have never felt that there is any bias towards business or private guests. We have always been treated as individuals, and appreciate the personal touches shown towards us very much.


We can only say that West India Quay and York, and especially the staff, always exceed our expectations.