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Do you shop airline fares with more than one airline or are you more of the stay with your favorite carrier/frequent flyer program? 


My wife and I are heading to Puerto Vallarta sometime in May for about a week stay.  Living in the north part of Houston much closer to Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH) than Hobby Airport (HOU) which Southwest uses.  Having flown more than 1 million miles on Continental now United we usually do not compare fares with other airlines, but once in a while I will check Southwest just to compare and normally do not find them with low fares.  So the norm is just to swallow the fare on United and go.

However, today while looking at different dates of travel I decided to check out the new Southwest flights from HOU to Puerto Vallarta (PVR) since everyone knows Southwest has some of the lowest fares around (maybe for one seat) and everyone who flies them loves them.  This must be a low fare to get me to drive the almost 60 miles across town to HOU and fly Southwest. 

Checking the same day with similar arrival times all round trip fares..........So here goes!!


  • Wanna Get Away fare that is loaded with restrictions is $320
  • Anytime fare that gets you refundable and reusable funds and same day changes is $979
  • Business Select fare is their top end fare with all the bells and whistles plus a free premium drink is $1037

Sure hope that is one expensive premium drink!


  • Lowest Economy fare that is loaded with restrictions is $397
  • Economy Flexible that is refundable and changeable is $2166
  • Lowest Business Class fare (Domestic First Class) non-refundable and changeable for a fee is $775

Now which would you select?

We want assigned seats so that puts us above the United Business Class fare already.  Since we don't check luggage I don't care about "Bags Fly Free".  We like the First Class seats and perks, plus we get our MileagePlus miles, segments and dollar amounts credited.  I can drive to the airport in 25 minutes rather than almost an hour....AND....all the drinks we want plus a much improved United Business Class meal options. 

Sorry Southwest, I gave you another try and you cannot beat the United offering.