Disappointedin Marriott

Discussion created by 4timmens on Feb 16, 2016
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gSuper disappointed in Marriott and now understand why folks are leaving.  We have used the same Marriott hotel for the past three years and have spent approx. $25K when we are there.  This is for a sporting event that happens annually.  We sign a contract and agree to fill a certain number of rooms.  I also recommend all of the parents of the athletes go direct to the hotel as well.  We did not fill all of our rooms, even though our parents were told the hotel was sold out and could have used the rooms.  As such, we were overcharged $2000 for empty rooms, even though we could not book them?  I would be understanding if parents could have filled our block, but they were told not and now we are being charged, which seems like double dipping.  As well, as the person who paid for all of these rooms, I find it ludicrous these rooms would not be credited to my elite acct.


I have to say Hilton is much easier to work with and much more flexible, and we will be taking our dollars elsewhere.