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Recommendations for SE Florida Stays (not Ritz Carlton)

Question asked by buksmith on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by flyingsouth

Hi, I have three nights to spend in South East Florida (not too far from MIA) and wondering what properties people have loved?  I don't want to spend much more than $500 per night so the RCs are out.  Looking at the Stanton in South Beach, the BeachPlace Towers in Fort Lauderdale, and the Harbor Beach Resort & Spa also in Lauderdale.  Any one of these better than the other?  Or does anyone have other suggestions?  Would love a concierge lounge if available to gold level members.  Beach front is better than not, but for a great deal/unforgettable experience I would stay elsewhere--even in Miami proper.  Many thanks for your thoughts!