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This is usually the time of year when I start planning a beach getaway.  I won’t be heading anywhere warm this year, but I am reminiscing about a trip I had taken a few years back with two of my closest friends.


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When we first got out of college, we would take small trips around the country to explore new cities. We were looking for a beach getaway and when searching the Marriott site, the Marco Island property came up so we jumped on it!  Traveling down to Florida is really easy from the Northeast. We took an early flight, checked in to the hotel and were on the beach right after lunch. Luckily, my father had pulled a few LPE strings and got us an upgraded room with an incredible view.


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We spent our days hanging on the beach and/or lounging by the pool.  One added, and amazing bonus was the golf cart beach drink service. Strawberry daiquiris, anyone?  No need to leave the lounge chair!  For night time activities, we ventured out to Naples for dinner and a little exploring, but we didn’t leave too often as we were there for the sun and sand.


The property itself was gorgeous.  Every staff member was more than helpful.  My friends and I often talk about how we need to plan a trip back.  To date, this was one of my favorite vacations and for sure one of my preferred Marriott properties.


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This trip was a few years back and have heard there have been some great upgrades. Have any of you Insiders been lately?

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