AC Hotel Cincinnati North/West Chester now open

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I recently completed my first stay at an AC Hotel, only the 6th one to open in the United States. With 50 more planned in the coming years, many of us will soon get the opportunity to experience this brand without having to visit Europe. Allow me to share some thoughts along with a few pictures.


This particular property in a little north of Cincinnati on the edge of new shopping center. The hotel opened February 2, 2016, so my stay is probably one of the first by a MR Insider.

AC exterior.jpg

Upon entering the building from one of two main entrances, the front desk is easy to spot in the spartan lobby.

AC checkin.jpgAC lobby.jpg

Everything has a very clean and open feeling right down to the open stairway leading to the second floor. 

AC stairs.jpg

At the top of the stairs is an open lounge which flows right into the bar and onto the breakfast area.

AC lounge.jpg  AC bar.jpg

AC breakfast.jpg

Just around the corner is the business center and the pool. The modern styling throughout the hotel is on full display in the guest rooms. Clean lines everywhere, no carpet, no closet doors, wall mounted television. Even the lamp shades are rectangular. I'll let the pictures tell the story.

AC room1.jpg AC room2.jpg

AC room3.jpg AC room4.jpg

AC room5.jpg

AC room6.jpg AC room7.jpg

Note the glass door mini-fridge beneath the desk. Power panels at the desk and above the bedside table include not only outlets, but USB plug-ins. I especially liked the mirror on the inside of the room door for checking appearances on the way out. You'll see a reflection of the ironing board which is hanging in the open closet (can I call it a closet if it doesn't have any doors? ).


Let's not forget the bathroom. No tub, but that is becoming more common lately. Again modern styling and clean lines right down to the rectangular toilet. That's a first.

AC bathroom1.jpg AC bathroom3.jpg

AC bathroom2.jpg

I'm definitely glad I tried the AC brand. I'll probably stay again here and there. I'm still partial to the brands that have CL as opposed to the open lounge, though I will admit, it was very nicely appointed. I've got another stay booked at this same location in late March on my way home from a trip in Tennessee and Mississippi. By then the hotel will have been open a couple months (instead of less than two weeks) and the weather will be more conducive to checking out what is in the neighborhood. I'll be curious to see how things are working out.