Booking 2 rooms, 1 points and 1 paid

Discussion created by hassmh on Feb 10, 2016
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We are working on a trip to Orlando in August (not the best time, I know, but we are limited to kids' summer vacation for numerous reasons). We have 3 young children, including our now 3 month-old who will be 9 months when we go, and we have a friend who is coming along to help with the kids as well. Primary reason for the trip: 75,000 points won in the contest last year What You’ve Seen in 2015 Winners – Celebrating Family . These points, combined with points earned from the trips in the story, put us over the top to say we need to go somewhere and do something. With United miles, we can fly nearly free, so we are OK spending a little bit on top of our points to have a great experience. While the MVC properties would be nice and spacious and a villa for 6 could be booked entirely on points, there's nothing good in the limited dates we have to choose from. So we're looking at 2 rooms at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes resort, one on points and one paid. Trying to book this online I can't figure out. I know I can call and a helpful Marriott Rewards associate will try their very best to help, but wanted to first put our questions out the the collective experience out there in case there are any helpful tricks to get what we want:


1. Is it possible to book two reservations, one on points and one paid, and get the rooms adjoining?

     1. a. If 1 is yes, how best to ensure one room is king and the other 2 queens?


Thanks in advance for any advice!