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Redeeming points for Residence Inn stay... good idea?

Question asked by gatilla007 on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by flyingsouth

So I have a question for the "usual suspects", seasoned and savvy travelers that you are! Do you guys spend points on lower cat hotels or do you rather use on full-service nice properties?


We're going back to Orange County this summer for a friends/fam beach party, and I'm thinking of redeeming 80k points for a 5-nights stay at the Residence Inn in Fountain Valley/Huntington Beach. This is a cat4 property, and by affluent OC standards this is by no means a "nice" hotel, but it works for me! We've stayed there before when our home which is only a couple of miles away was being remodeled, and it was good, pretty close to our son's school and the hot breakfast wasn't bad at all, especially when we didn't have a kitchen! While I wish we could just go back to our house in HB, unfortunately it's rented out and I'm not too fond of crashing at other people's homes, so I'm thinking this would be a good use of points. I'm all for splurging on a beautiful full-service Marriott for special occasions, but as you can tell I'm more of a frugal traveler! To me, spending 80k points for 5 nights at a cat4 hotel is worth it, as I'd rather put the $1000 we're saving on hotel costs towards an enjoyable & fun beach party capped with a lovely bonfire after the sun sets! Your thoughts and recommendations will be appreciated!