Bad Courtyard Food

Discussion created by marriottbiztravelerfan on Feb 9, 2016
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HI.  Platinum and lifetime Gold Rewards here.  130+ nights in Marriott properties last year.  I am staying in a Courtyard in Washington State tonight and realized something.  I hate the food at Courtyard Properties!   I would LOVE to stay-in tonight, but the "new" Courtyard food offerings seem to rely primarily on a TurboChef Oven- a combo microwave / convection oven that seems to produce entrees as good as your neighborhood 7-Eleven.  I have tried the breakfast egg white sandwiches and found them to be fast- but overly hot and "wet" since the microwave heating process forces water out of the egg white puck.  I've tried the burger at night and found it to be dry and flavorless.  Ever since then, I bolt out to CYs for breakfast and Dinner.


At the end of 2015, I stayed in a Hilton Garden Inn near the Minneapolis Airport and was shocked to find a REAL KITCHEN.  I had chicken Salimbocca and it was excellent!  I even called the chef over to see if the food was cooked onsite and it was.  HGI food blew Courtyard away.  It was enough for me to take the bait and match my status with HGI. 


So the question is- have you had any memorable food at a courtyard since the "Bistro" concept was introduced?  Or should Marriott rethink its food offerings for the CY brand?