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Caribbean/Central America in June

Question asked by taxlawyer on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2016 by seatexan

My wife, ten year old daughter and I are planning a vacation mid-June.  We are deciding among Costa Rica, Cabo, St Kitts, Frenchman's Reef, and Curaçao.  Dates are inflexible due too work, school, and dance commitments.


1.  Big, gorgeous hotel pool

2.  Good snorkeling excursions available

3.  Historical, cultural and/or eco-tourism opportunities.  Relaxing by the pool is nice, but I can't take a week of nothing but.


Aruba seems way too Americanized/Disneyfied from what I've heard, and that's the kind of place I'd like to avoid (hence Atlantis is not on the radar at all).


Costa Rica would be the top choice, I think, but am worried about it being rainy season, so very interested in hearing from people who've been to CR in June before.  Would it be a real risk?