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Please Please Please Help!

Question asked by darren35 on Feb 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2016 by deannad

Ok, I am a Marriott Gold Elite member with 171,000 points.  I am going to Miami in 16 days and I need 9000 more points.  FIRST, I purchased 50,000 points in January and the lady I spoke with a Marriott rewards said I could have someone give me points between Jan 1 and my stay on Feb 21.  So, no problem- my wife has 25,000 points.


Now, we log on and it says that I can only receive/purchase, etc 50,000 per year and I have reached my limit!  I very clearly asked ECHO if I could "receive" additional points from my wife and she said yes- up to another 50,000 points.  She was very clear and I have notes.


Now, the site says I have reached my max and face losing my reservation- which, by the way, was the last rewards point vacation points the hotel allowed (Marriott Stanton in Miami).  If I knew I needed to EARN 10,000 more points I would have done that in January!!


What do I do? I am very upset about this.


Thanks in advance