Starwood CEO Talks Marriott Merger

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An interesting interview with Starwood CEO, Tom Mangas just came out earlier this week.


Interview: Starwood CEO Talks Marriott Merger | International Meetings Review


A few observations:

Question 4 - Confirmation that the loyalty programs will be combined as expected (it will just take time).

Question 5 - interesting that Starwood "wanted to be bigger in the upscale market". From my perspective I think some of SPG's upscale properties are nicer than Marriott's.

Questions 11 - Mangas says, "Marriott needs to learn about the special sauce" referring to SPG members concerns about the merger. An interesting statement when you think about how big the combined Marriott / SPG program will be and the larger the company the harder it can be to maintain a "special sauce" or competitive edge.

Question 13 - As brightlybob has pointed out in another post until the deal is finalized there is a possibility another buyer could sweep in (though unlikely)


Thoughts or perspectives from others after reading the interview?