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Any additional information on roll out of Cash + Points?

Question asked by jakeal on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by vaboywnder

Earlier today I pinged communitymanagers in the original Fab Four announcement ( Introducing the Fab Four! ), but in at the risk of making that thread any longer than it already is and the discussion getting lost there I am posting here as a question.


guidedog613 and brightlybob both have already weighed in. From my perspective I have yet to see the new Cash + Points as an option. As far as I know the old option (mixing cash and points nights) is still available. Testing out a random Tuesday date in July in Peoria, IL (7-19-16) at the Courtyard Peoria there is a standard cash rate available ($159) as well as the option to book using points (10,000), but no ability to book using Cash + Points.



I am going to loop in carat, deannad, lindseyh, katiec, melissaerb, and the newest team member andrewt in the hopes they or communitymanager can shed more light on an expected roll out date.



Any additional information that can be provided moderation team?