Horrible Experience in Residence Inn Washington, DC/Capitol

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This is Arnab.


I have booked the hotel Residence Inn in Washinton for two nights at the rate $119 and got the confirmation for the same.  While I was booking through my online account I was not asked and therefore not used any credit cards For the booking.


But at the time of check in the receptionist Jigah Stewart told us that my card didn't work hence she needs one card for the payment and I gave her my card.


She charged my card $ 390 without my knowledge and didn't ever tell me how much she is charging and why.


While I checked my account and get to know it and inquired her she replied that as my card didn't work at the time of booking  I have to pay now $149 per night instead of $119.


What is this? I have my confirmation for the booking at $119 rate then how she can made the change of room rate that too without informing me. This is a clear case of cheating.


When I asked explanation the two receptionist were laughing , chuckling  and made a comment" You don't understand".


Ok. I being a manager of renowned companies like Volvo, Capgemini, can't understand what they are saying. Fantastic.


I have stayed different cities in USA in Marriott but never faced any issues like this before.This is so humiliating.

I went to their facebook page and saw people faced similar misbehave and posted there too. On the same day another person staying on third floor was in reception for the same reason and faced similar humiliation.


I requested an apology for the misbehave and the proper rates of the room through a mail.


Then I got an apology mail from Mr. Matt from the hotel and an assurance that the card will be charged by $119 rate only.


But I am surprised that my card is charged $341 not with the rate of $119.


When he clearly mentioned that you "have rebated the rate back to the originally booked rate of $119 as an exception to our policy for that rate." But instead, my card has been changed $341 from your hotel for my stay on the same very day 05/01/2016. And the difference is never deposited back to my account in one month. I have attached the copy of the transaction done in your hotel.


So May I ask you what kind of behavior is this? I also wanted to know which card they tried to charge at the time of booking which was denied. They never came back with the answer.  I feel this is also a false claim as all my cards are running fine everywhere.


So, Can you please forward this mail to higher management to justify the wrong doings that is happening in this property which bears the name of Marriott? I never took any social media forum to report this issue though, as I mentioned, there are several posts in your facebook page about similar incident.


That means this is a regular thing that one experience in this hotel.


Anyway, Please let me know why my card is charged with unauthorized amount even after your reply below.


I contacted customer care but no measures taken. Can you give me the email id of zonal head so that I can report the incident to him?


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