Let's Get Packing!

Discussion created by katiec on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2016 by bejacob

Packing is the most challenging part of travel for me. In my mind, I want to keep it light. My favorite line is from the wonderful Peter Greenberg: “There are two types of luggage; carry on and lost.” This is on repeat in my head as I prep for a trip, but minimalist packing is easier said than done!


I open my suitcase, open my closet, and within minutes I’ve piled most of my shoes onto on my bed. Sure, I’ll need those boots that I only wear once a year…THIS is the trip. And what if we go hiking? Or to a fancy dinner? It might rain…


My husband rolls his eyes as I sit on top of my suitcase to close it. Then I return home days later with lots of untouched clothing and more than one pair of unworn shoes. Oops.


So, I’d love to hear everyone’s packing tips, ideas for fitting it all into a small bag, deciding what’s most important for trips (both short and long), and when is it ok to move to a bigger bag?


Thanks, Insiders!



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