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Which Hotel in Rome?

Question asked by dreamtrip on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by guidedog613

We are going on a food and wine tour to Southern Italy in May.  This tour is escorted and although we are flying in and out of Italy from Rome, we are not spending anytime there.  I do have an opportunity to extend my trip when the tour is over but I'm having a hard time decided if it is worth the extra money.  I can use points to reserve a hotel but I would like some advice at what Marriott to stay at.  We will not have a car.  Is it better to stay at the Marriott that looks like it is in the center of Rome or the Courtyard.  Also, how far is the airport.  Is it easy to get taxis to take you there and how expensive?  Never been to Italy before and I am so excited.  Are there good places to eat around these hotels? Recommedations would be greatly appreciated.