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Ritz-Carlton Visa - anyone else like it?

Question asked by dansplan on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by nismoztuner

SO took the plunge last year and got the Ritz-Carlton Visa with a $395/yr fee, but first year only you get 2 nights at any RC plus a bunch of concierge upgrades you'd never use unless you are already used to staying at the RC. Nice bonus is that they give you $300 each year toward airline lounge fees, upgrades, and other things, so if you're like me and wanted to join UA club or any club regardless (or pay to upgrade here and there), it works out to same $95/yr fee as standard MR Visa. The dang thing is so heavy, it'll "clang" when dropped - and makes even the metal MR Visa black card look like a lightweight. It arrives packaged as if you're getting the key to the city, and with everything but private band of trumpets. Comments, likes, dislikes?