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West Des Moines Marriott Vs Renaissance Savory

Question asked by almesh on Jan 25, 2016

Here's an observation. The Savory is a much better hotel (staff, greetings, upgrades) than the Marriott West Des Moines (WDSM here forward). Although I am greeted as a returning customer at the WDSM, at the Savory, I'm greeted like a returning family member. I'm always thanked for being a Platinum Premier guest, and 99% of the time, I'm treated to some sort of suite (as an older Grand Dam hotel, the rooms can be interestingly laid out). At the WDSM, I don't recall being thanked for being a Platinum Premier guest, and it's like pulling teeth to get a comp upgrade, even when they're not at capacity. Case in point. I checked in today. I was told there were no upgrades available. I put in my reservation minutes before a colleague who is Platinum (not Elite Premier, nor Platinum for life). He checks in later, gets a comped upgrade. Theses people need to learn how to treat those of us who have spent enough time in these properties to be Platinum for life. If you have to stay in the DSM area, go to the Savory, or the Marriott property downtown.